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I am looking for highly motivated people who are driven to create a better business and increase their sales and revenue through a structured, positive and professional referral marketing program


What is the point of launching a business, becoming an entrepreneur, just to be held captive because you have no way to leverage your time? In BNI we help you leverage your time by teaching you how to build strong and long-lasting relationships with other business professionals.


Being a part of our local BNI community is an amazing opportunity and we are in major expansion mode. RIGHT NOW is your time to get involved.


Entrepreneurs just like you are building their businesses with BNI! 

Steve Black

Executive Director, Referral Maker & Cat Herder

You Build Relationships

We'll show you how to create your referral network to contribute to your success and you to theirs. Now more than ever, building trusted relationships is critical to your business.

Your Business Grows

Our proven business referral system, coupled with BNI Online, is designed to help businesses work together to get more referrals, better customers and have a  more successful business.

And Sharpen Your Skills

Through BNI you'll get access to mentors, other business professionals and thousands of hours of courses through our proprietary learning center, BNI U, to help you build your business and networking skills.

Hi, I'm Steve Black,

and my passion is to help small businesses get access to the systems, tools and resources to help them get better referrals, better clients and have better businesses.


For years I have used the same system to grow my business. First as a BNI Member in Austin, TX with my Custom Window Treatment Company and then as the Executive Director and owner of BNI West & South-Central Texas.


My members have passed over $10 million in business through the power of referral and relationship marketing in 2020 alone.


Are you looking to grow your business?

Having great connections is like having a butler that unlocks and opens the door for you before you need it.

- Steve Black

What our members are saying...

Jon Benton

BNI has been a crucial part of my business.

I opened SuperGeeks Lubbock in 2013 and was a charter member of Lubbock's BNI Connect 4 Success chapter shortly after. As a first time business owner the meetings, training, networking and referrals were a foundational part of the growth of my business. I had a network of experienced business owners and sales professionals I met with every week. If I had a question about any of the myriad issues a business owner can encounter, I had people I trusted just a call, text or meeting away. And this is not an exaggeration, every single one of my biggest clients has come from a referral from my BNI Chapter.


If anyone is looking to grow a business, new or existing, I can't recommend BNI enough.

Neal Alexander

The Best Networking Group Around!

Structured & Accountable, The Referrals Are Solid. BNI has been a critical part of my business plan and it is working.

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